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  Focus Ann   $14.00  
  Matzah & Miracles, Passover Musical and Book 978-0-9822134-8-3 $15.00  
. The Wishful Penny, A Book & CD Set 978-0-9822134-3-8 $19.95
SALE: 14.95!
with 21 chapter books and Dramaterials
978-09822134-7-6 $165.00  
  "The Wishful Penny" AUDIOBOOK  New! 978-0-9886716-0-7 $14.00  
  Classroom Teacher as Theater Director 978-0-9822134-2-1 $14.95  
  Lost In The Library (CD with Guidebook) 978-0-9822134-4-5 $14.95  
  Through The Looking Glass  (Audiobook) 978-0-9822134-6-9 $14.00  

Dramaterials™ Plays & Musicals*


  The Secret Senses Scheme 978-0-9857676-4-8 $24.50  
  Freaks And Greeks 978-0-9857676-3-1 $24.50  
  The Two Voyages Of The Mayflower 978-0-9857676-2-4 $24.50  
  If We Didn't Care 978-0-9857676-6-2 $24.50  
  King Fulcrum and The Knights Who Say "No" 978-0-9857676-8-6 $24.50  
  Once Upon A Happily Ever After 978-0-9857676-1-7 $24.50  
  Putting On A Play 978-0-9857676-0-0 $24.50  

Rip Van Washington or Legend of Sleepy Irving

978-0-9857676-5-5 $24.50  
  Yearning To Breathe Free 978-0-9822134-9-0 $24.50  
  The Bully And The Bystanders  (6/1/13) 978-0-9886716-2-1 $24.50  
  The Crunchy Munchy Luncheonette  (6/1/13) 978-0-9886716-1-4 $24.50  

The Wishful Penny - full-length musical

978-0-9857676-7-9 $24.50  
  MATZAH & MIRACLES THEATER KIT 978-0-9857676-9-3 $54.00  



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