On August 20, 2019, the Be A Friend Project of See The Wish came into its own as a charitable not-for-profit 501c3 corporation! Going forward, the Be A Friend Project, Inc., will hold the exclusive rights to license "It's Easy!" to schools.

Over the next few months, you will see our website and social media switching over from See The Wish to the Be A Friend Project, Inc.  By January 2020, after 11 years, See The Wish will be dissolved, yet it will live forever as the beginnings of our story, and its wonderful anti-bullying, pro-empathy musical and project will carry on as its legacy and our primary focus.

STAY FRIEND STRONG WITH US through these mostly administrative changes! THANK YOU!


A case of grade school bullying you're sure to relate to...

and that no one deserves, including this AMAZING GIRL!









News of Lexi's ordeal came directly from her concerned mom who told us, “My heart breaks for Lexi and for kids in general. School is so stressful and the pressure is unbearable… add in cruel girls and there seems like there is no happy ending.”











The Be-A-Friend Project does not give advice, therapy or intervention.

Our one purpose is to send letters and cards of encouragement and caring from kids to kids.

   Everyone can relate in some way to Lexi's story of "common" grade school bullying. Over 160,000 kids skip school every day in the USA to avoid it. Often, it goes unnoticed by school administrators, bus drivers and parents because the victim may not “tell” and there are no bruises to show. No news cameras are called as when a victim ends up in the emergency room. Yet, statistics show that about 29 percent of grade school kids have experienced some form of it and the invisible scars are very painful and long-lasting. We are proud to shine a light on this story which will not be seen in the news.

     Beautiful Lexi is both a victim of bullying and an “Upstander.” She even wrote a "Friend Mail" letter to our first Project Youth! Lexi is a smart, interesting and caring girl from New York with very creative hobbies and ideas about her personal style that cause her to stand out. She loves to express her creativity by baking and decorating theme cakes that bring joy to others. She’s a popular babysitter because she is fun, warm and protective.


        Lexi first became the target of bullies in 4th Grade after she was the first in her class to color her brunette hair with strands of blue.  Classmates taunted her and called her names like “weird.” Verbal bullying led to social bullying when Lexi’s circle of friends began to leave her out of invites to birthday parties and sleepovers only to brag about their fun times in front of her, purposely wanting her to feel like an outcast. Lexi bravely found a new circle of friends… but now, a few grades later, she is once again battling bullies.


        In seventh grade, it began with two neighborhood girls who would be friends with Lexi one day and then exclude her the next. While forming close bonds and "posses" is normal among friends, it is not normal to purposely make other kids feel that they are not good enough to join. This hurtful pattern escalated to physical intimidation. A slight thirteen-year-old, Lexi was routinely pushed at the bus stop and had her glasses broken. Lexi’s parents reported the incidents to the school and had conversations with the girls’ parents. Immediately, the physical bullying stopped, but social-bullying tactics have continued. Lexi heard rumors that she would be “jumped” and that “everyone hated her.” The bullying girls made friends with Lexi’s new circle of friends, inviting them over to their homes to play, but not allowing the mutual friends to invite Lexi to play.  Recently, she has been cyber-bullied with attempts to humiliate her on social media such as Pinterest and Instagram.


        It's a fact... "social pain" tends to produce the most severe stress and the strongest emotional reaction. Understandably, Lexi, recently a high honors student, has been struggling with her classes as her attention has shifted from schoolwork to handling the emotional effects of the bullying. She often feels depressed and wishes she could be home-schooled. She is fortunate to have supportive parents and a good counselor, yet acceptance and friendship of peers is important - for everyone! That’s where YOU and the Be-A-Friend Project can make a difference!

  "SOCIAL BULLYING" accounts for at least 18 percent of all cases of bullying! It is the most common type of bullying used by girls. Along with spreading rumors to damage the victim's reputation, these bullies will shun another girl from the group on purpose to hurt her and make her feel worthless. WHY? No one deserves to be bullied, ever. Sometimes people think it's funny to hurt another person simply because they are different or maybe they are mad or jealous.

Mostly, bullies are using their victims to make themselves seem more popular…

because bullies don’t have enough self-worth to let someone other than themselves shine.

Thanks for checking in! Lexi's "Friend Mail" has already been delivered! Please consider writing our new Project Youth.


Lexi's "Friend Mail" was delivered on 4/14/16 with 83 letters!


Maybe you've been the victim of bullying or maybe you can just imagine what it feels like to be bullied... having a kid or a group of kids, do and say things on purpose, over and over again, to hurt you and make you feel worthless...

 Become a Be-A-Friend



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then, imagine, one day dozens of letters arrive in your mailbox, real letters, written by kids your age especially for YOU, letting you know they are in your corner and they care!

Be-A-Friend to Lexi!

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