The Be-A-Friend Project does not give advice, therapy or intervention.

Our one purpose is to send letters and cards of encouragement and caring from kids to kids.

The Be-A-Friend Project carries into action the “speak up, reach out and be a friend” message of The Friend Strong Musical, “It’s Easy!” The 2015 National Youth Arts nominee for “Outstanding New Musical” is the creation of co-playwrights, Jennifer Young and (composer) January Akselrad, Co-Presidents of See The Wish and the Co-Founders of the Be-A-Friend Project.

UNIFY Against Bullying chose Be-A-Friend Project Director, Jennifer Young, as one of nine 2017 $1,000 grant recipients working to "bring an end to bullying through the celebration of true diversity"! Funding will help us and our Ambassadors reach out and be a friend to bullying victims as they heal.


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12 Past Project Youths...

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Maybe you've been the victim of bullying or maybe you can just imagine what it feels like to be bullied... having a kid or a group of kids, do and say things on purpose, over and over again, to hurt you and make you feel worthless...


Dear Friends and Ambassadors,


    Thank you for your interest in the national Be-A-Friend Project of See The Wish. :) The Be-A-Friend Project carries into action the “speak up, reach out and be a friend” message of The Friend Strong Musical, “It’s Easy!”. 

    We bring peer support to young victims of bullying through deliveries of “Friend Mail,” letters of hope and joy from kids to kids, that let them know THEY MATTER and THEY ARE NOT ALONE! Letter-writers (or CARD WARRIORS) get to show off their kindness, flex their empathy muscles and make a difference! These surprise "Friend Mail" deliveries are truly a one-time injection of transformational peer support to help a young bullying victim STAY STRONG as they heal.


     We launched the Be-A-Friend Project in 2015 with a surprise delivery of 75 letters to "Anthony." Now, just over two years later, we've grown in our 3rd (school calendar) season to deliveries consistently over 1,000  letters of support to each Project Youth, totaling 8,416 letters delivered in all since the Project's launch!


     EVERY ONE LETTER IS A GIFT! Whether a group poster from a 1st grade class or a handwritten letter from a high school senior, all kids and teens have the power to help a victim heal through kind words of friendship. The more letters, the greater the impact on a youth who thinks no one cares. HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! IT'S EASY!

    We also celebrate UPSTANDERS with “Friend Mail Blasts”

like 3rd Grader, Jack, who stood up for a player on the opposing team during a game!


Our featured Project Youths are chosen from 1st-8th Grades only, but ALL KIDS AND TEENS FROM KINDERGARTEN UP TO THE AGE OF 18 CAN WRITE OR DRAW LETTERS!


PLEASE check out our Letter-Writing Guidelines and see samples of letters. Read about our latest Project Youth and write that letter!  Thank you!

~Jennifer Young and January Akselrad / See The Wish Co-Presidents

then, imagine, one day hundreds of letters arrive on your doorstep, real letters, written by your peers especially for YOU, letting you know they are in your corner and they care!



Will you give me the last name or address of a Project Youth so we can be pen-pals or meet some day?

We're glad you felt a connection, but no, we do not pass on personal contact information or last names of the Project Youths. Contact information of both the writer and the youths receiving letters stays safely within the See The Wish office, no exceptions.


Can we write to kids who we've read about in the news or social media?

Yes! Tell us about the youth and send us a link to their story.  We will check out the story and contact them if we choose to highlight them.


Want to be alerted each time we feature a new youth to write?  IT'S EASY! Just send an email to jennifer@seethewish.com with the subject line: "Be-A-Friend Mailing List"!

"It's Easy!" to Be-A-Friend!

A love note to our writers and amazing, inspiring teachers, parents and involved adults...


We do not exist without you!


You've modeled the importance of empathy and kindness, either by writing letters yourself or taking the time out with your kids to make the letter-writing a priority.


You are our heroes.

We NEED YOU to stay with us.


 Talk up the BAF Project with your friends! Join us on Facebook!


Even better...

send an email to jennifer@seethewish.com

with subject "Be A Friend Mailing List"! It's Easy! You will instantly be added to our Ambassador emails to receive news first when we add a new Project Youth, deliver "Friend Mail" and hear back from the youths!

Thank you!





Words of support mean a lot to us, too…


Thank you for your on-going work to send love to and from young people across our nation and the world! ~ Mylene Keipp, Principal, Eagle Rock JR/SR High School, Los Angeles, CA


My students enjoy being part of the project... their eyes lit up when I announced we were writing to Ethan! Thank you for starting such an amazing organization that teaches empathy and friendship long distances!!! ~Michelle Ellis, English Teacher, Bushland Middle School, TX


We are glad to make a difference.  My students learn empathy through this program and truly care about the well being of others.  It warms my heart to see our youth care so much about others.  We only hear the bad stuff teens do, and rarely get to see the positive.  I love that through Be-A-Friend, we can see our students shine!

~ Michelle Lancaster, Teacher, Bushland High School, TX


Seeing (Friend Mail Recipient) Marcus' reaction was so amazing. I don't really know how to describe it, it brought tears to my eyes... don't ever give up." ~ Tristan Dore, Texas F.C.C.L.A State Vice President of Projects


Thank you for the LIGHT you helped keep burning in my daughter. Without you guys that LIGHT may have been snuffed out by this world. God bless you and your organization.

~ Project Youth McKenzie's father, Brent, CA


We are now committed to writing letters for the duration of the school year! The teachers and students really want to be a part of the work... you are doing work that makes a positive difference in the lives of children- and adults!

~ Joyce Chapnick, Principal, Main Street School (4th & 5th grades), Irvington, NY


"I will put my cup of sand on this amazing project to build a sand castle.

~ Kattya Fernandez, Teacher, Newburgh Central School District, NY


Robert has been busy reading all his letters... each and every one of them is so uplifting, it is amazing. He has been a different child since that week! We can not thank the Be-A-Friend organization enough... you are helping our family heal.

~ Project Youth Robert's mom, Donna, PA


I cried when I saw these letters... In our haste to get caught up in test scores and other metrics, we often fail to examine whether our kids are becoming decent human beings. Obviously, these kids pass the test… Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to make a difference.

~ Suzanne Smith, Eagle Rock High School Parent, Los Angeles, CA


An organization all the way from New York made it their mission to help a local bullying victim… (BAF Project) stepped in to be a support system and showed her she is not alone!

~ Mary Coleman of NewsChannel 10, Amarillo, TX


I can’t explain how lost and afraid I was… getting that box of letters made me so happy, I can’t even explain how happy I was. Just to see how many people cared, how many people took their time out of their day to show me support... your letters helped me emotionally and mentally. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. ~ Project Youth Mia, Amarillo, TX


My class is finishing up a unit on Social Issues and this is a big social issue. We have been talking about ways that we can make a difference and I think this would be a great way! We can generate letters! ~ Mrs. Levinskas, Teacher, McAlister Intermediate School, Suffield, CT


The response is beautiful and in my experience with the groups I've written letters with, has opened up amazing lines of communication and shows of empathy.

~ Kelli Young, Parent and Girl Scout Leader, CT


I could never be too busy for such a worthy cause! I will absolutely have the children work on this next week and will even do one better by spreading the word to other teachers.

~ Mrs. Consolinis, Teacher, McAlister Intermediate School, Suffield, CT


Those letters made me feel so good about myself and like a better person. It always encouraged me to move on and ignore the bullies. ~ Project Youth Lexi, NY


My students have been working on being compassionate and kind citizens so this was perfect for them… seeing how motivated they were to make a difference really made my year. I always tell them that more than reading, writing and math, my job is to teach them how to be the best human beings they can be. ~ Ms. Rochester, Teacher, PS 189, Bronx, NY


This is how it's done!! See The Wish is truly spreading and teaching kindness and empathy... Writing letters for See The Wish will play a significant part in teaching empathy to our students and bringing much needed joy to tormented children as well.

~ Danny Pedalino, Community Advocate, The BP Bully Remedeeee, FL


My kids are blessed to be a part of your program just to sprinkle some happy moments and make someone’s day.

~ Gretta Nasrallah, Parent of 2 Amazing Kids, NY


Thank you for spreading the word and giving our kids the opportunity to show the world there is kindness in our youth, ‬‬‬hope for the future. 

~ Katt Tejada, Teacher, PS 189, Bronx, NY


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for validating that it is cool to be kind. Keep up the great work!!! ~ Michelle Carey, "Jack The Upstander's" Mom, CT


Thanks to everyone who wrote letters. Anthony was really impressed that people who do not know him will care. ~ Nelly Jimenez-Arevalo, Executive Director, CEO ACLAMO Family Centers, PA


I am in awe of what you do and what these awesome children/teenagers do! They are beautiful souls and I know that this is going to make Dylan feel better.

~ Jeanette Kenny, Mom of Project Youth Dylan, NJ


We were honored to participate! … Keep doing wonderful things!!!!! Thank you for making a difference to these children!

~ Mrs. DellaVecchia, Teacher, Brookside Elementary School, Yorktown Heights, NY














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