(Photo by Daniel Akselrad 2009)

The debut musical of See The Wish OnStage performed to four nights of full houses at the Performance Space in Riverdale, NY!

This musical by January Akselrad debuted in 2009 at the Neuwirth Theater in Riverdale, NY, to four nights of full houses!  Written as a derivative musical to the Mom's Choice Award-winning chapter book, "The Wishful Penny," by Jennifer Jo Young, it is the very first of now three full-length theater productions written and produced by the See The Wish Co-Founders.  A juniorized version of "Jenny's Penny" (which includes 5 of the original 12 musical numbers) is now packaged as the Dramaterials Theater Kit for 4th-6th Grades, "The Wishful Penny." If your school or theater group is interested in putting on "Jenny's Penny," please contact us.

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 Working At The Mint



See The Wish



For Every Bad Time



Need A Penny



Shiny And New


Check out The Wishful Penny Book & Jenny's Penny CD Set!

(Photo by Daniel Akselrad 2009)

The debut cast takes a curtain call!

“See the wish.  Feel its power.  It’s right there for you each moment… every second… every hour.”


Jenny's Penny Musical, complete with scene dialogue is included in this book and CD set.

Check Out The Wishful Penny Classroom Play!

Jenny's Penny is a derivative of the Wishful Penny chapter book. This classroom play shares songs with the Jenny's Penny Musical.


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