Be-A-Friend to Anthony!

Thanks for checking in! We delivered 12/25/15!

Anthony's Package of "Friend Mail" has already been delivered! See our update below...

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Help us make this first delivery of "Friend Mail" a big start to the Be-A-Friend Project and an eleven-year-old victim of bullying named Anthony!


Anthony is a soft-spoken, polite 6th grade student living in Pennsylvania. He has been assaulted by bullies several times over the last two years.  Because Anthony no longer feels safe, his mother has removed him from school. Thanks to the help of Teach Anti-Bullying, Inc., he was recently enrolled in a cyber school until his district agrees to transfer him.


In a news interview, Anthony reports being jumped on his way home from school and “...had to go to the E.R ...I got a fractured nose ...and my eye was really swollen.”  He says the bullies told him that "they were going to hit me so hard, I would go running back to Mexico... the first time, I got hit during computer class... the second time they shoved my face into paint...  they bit me once...."  It's Anthony's wish that the parents of the bullies will tell the kids to stop picking on him.


Anthony's story has been featured on Philadelphia news:

"Mom Says School Won't Transfer Her Bullied Son."


12/22/15 UPDATE:  We are THRILLED to have received over 75 letters for Anthony!! Thank you to the kids, schools and organizations that contributed. This Project does not exist without you!




has been delivered!


We're proud to share a note and a picture sent from the CEO of his new school...


Good News!!!

We finally had Anthony back yesterday so we were able to give him his letters. He was very happy and he said he was going to spend his time tonight reading all of them!!!! (We told him he needed to sleep early as he has school tomorrow!) Thanks to everyone who wrote letters for him. He was really impressed that people who do not know him will care.

Thanks again!


Nelly Jimenez-Arevalo

Executive Director, CEO

ACLAMO Family Centers

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