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We delivered 1,633 letters of peer support and meaningful gifts to Xzavier on 4/11/19!

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Xzavier's mom says, "I find letters in his bed at night. He reads a few in bed before he goes to bed each night." See heartwarming pics & video of the surprise Friend Mail delivery in this video!


13-year-old New Hampshire boy

has never had anyone to call "friend."

Xzavier is different from other kids in his rural New Hampshire town with a population so small that 10 towns converge to attend one high school. Xzavier has mild cerebral palsy, epilepsy and autism. On top of that, his mom says they are "really poor" and his younger brother is also special needs. Xzavier has been bullied his whole life.

TEACHERS: Simply play this Youtube Video by our ON-AIR TEEN AMBASSADOR, BRIELLE WITHERS, to teach young students all about XZAVIER!


This handsome 8th Grader earns money doing jobs like yard work and will spend most of it buying gifts for his siblings and mom. He's very protective of his little 8-year-old brother. Xzavier loves taking things apart to see how they work

and he LOVES cars and toy Hot Wheels!

Xzavier NEEDS to know just how likable he is!!!

He needs to know that he IS an awesome friend who is FRIEND STRONG!

Xzavier likes getting letters. He reads at about a 5th Grade level. Letters should be "short & sweet" as he has trouble focusing and concentrating for too long. Drawings are great, too!

Let him know YOU CARE!!

Xavier didn't talk until he was 4, and sometimes he still has trouble. Sometimes he loses track of what he is saying and will repeat the same thing over and over.  He has been hit a lot by other kids, made fun of for various things including the way he talks. Bullies yell at him "STOP STUTTERING" ... "STUPID" ... "IDIOT" ..."RETARDED."  They've told him they're "GOING TO HURT HIM" and "GOING TO KILL HIM."  Bullies tell him that his "CLOTHES LOOK UGLY" because his family can't afford fancy clothes. The first time his mom remembers physical bullying was 3rd grade when they kicked and hit him as he curled up in a ball on the ground. In 5th Grade, they choked him on the playground. Now, even though he is bigger than the other 8th Graders at 5'10", he still never lashes out at his bullies.


This school year, Xzavier was whacked in the face with a notebook. And worse, the very day he came back to school from surgery to remove his tonsils, a classmate who had previously threatened to kill him, punched him hard in the throat. That bully was expelled from the school. However, this incident was the last straw over a lifetime of bullying and the 13-year-old had to spend two weeks in a hospital over the Christmas break to help him deal emotionally with the bullying. When he returned to school, the school's well-meaning efforts to both educate and protect Xzavier by pairing him with an aide for every minute of the day have also isolated him from other kids.


Xzavier could really use a boost in self esteem, his mom said when she wrote to us. She hopes receiving your "Friend Mail" will play a big part! Xzavier has never had a friend. Even when a classmate treats him with respect, they still won't invite him over or out anywhere. He believes nobody likes him.

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